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Walking The Knowledge Mile

How Amsterdam's ugliest street became its smartest.
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Mad Props

Nione Meakin visits Morocco's secret film studio where props from some of the most famous movies ever are gathering dust in the desert...
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"You don't have to be a hippy to live here."

Fifty years on from the Summer of Love, there’s been a resurgence of communal living – and experts suggest that “hive life” is set to boom in the next 20 years. We met some early adopters to discover the pros and cons...
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Las Vegas takes its biggest gamble yet.

Las Vegas is taking a gamble. But this time it’s the casinos and not the players with the most at stake. Research has shown that millennials – a 34% share of the city’s visitors – have as much interest in gambling as they do in fabric softener. Now the big casinos are going all in to try and win them over...
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The Taste Makers

Meet the artists taking inspiration from gastronomy to serve up work that is almost good enough to eat.
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Gold in their hands

In the 16th century, Florence’s craftspeople were the best in the world. Now their descendants are bringing new life to a neglected part of the city...
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All the fun of the fair: Behind the scenes with the UK's travelling showmen

In his cabin, Mark Thurston eyes the punters milling around King's Lynn Mart. The Norfolk fair – held every February since Tudor times – marks the opening of the travelling season, and like everyone else, Thurston is anxious to get off to a good start. For him, and thousands of other UK showmen, the next eight months will be spent on the road, living out of a touring caravan and setting up shop in around 30 fairs where his family has traditionally held pitches.
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The Way We Work Now

Business trips have a whole new meaning these days, as co-working spaces welcome “nomadic workers” to hot-desk in a different city every day of the week. In Berlin, you can do so for free – well, for the price of a blog post or two, as our roving freelancer found out...
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‘Mine’s an ayahuasca’

“I used to be like an open wound, hoping the audience’s laughter would heal me,” says Simon Amstell, giggling incongruously.
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Take to the hills

Head off the beaten track to Sicily’s southeast and you’ll find some hidden gems: four enchanting baroque towns perched high above the sea.
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"Catalans care deeply about every aspect of their culture and, of course, food is a big part of that”

Spain’s most delicious region? It has to be Catalonia. Renowned chef José Pizarro shares some of his favourite foodie haunts in Barcelona, Girona and beyond.
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'The Little Embryo That Could': The World of IVF Fashion for Babies

There is little to laugh about when it comes to infertility and the tests, treatments, and tears it invokes. Even if overcome, few people forget the pain. Yet fewer still choose to discuss their experiences, contributing to feelings of isolation and shame amongst the one in eight couples who suffer fertility issues.
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Nione Meakin

I'm a Brighton-based freelancer who writes travel, arts, lifestyle and features for papers including The Guardian and The Telegraph and magazines including VICE, Coast, Marie Claire, Grazia, Psychologies, N by Norwegian & Easyjet Traveller.

I like stories and people with a bit of quirk to them, which has led me down some fascinating avenues. I've written about travelling shop mannequins and British showmen; people who live on old minesweepers and lone Antarctic explorers; Cape Cod's missing cod, fashion for female priests, 'Glastonbury with guns' and timewarp B&Bs. I've interviewed art world power couples and rising-star playwrights; philosophers, astronomers and leading choreographers - and I just about make a living from it.

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WINNER: Features Journalist of the Year: Industry Trends. Business Travel Journalism Awards 2017.