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The Edit: Chatsworth Road

This buzzing East London street is shaping up to be the new Broadway Market, thanks to its quirky independent shops, cluster of hip cafés and laidback Sunday market...
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Make peace with the unknown

This may well be another unpredictable year and many of us find that difficult. Nione Meakin asks professionals in high-risk fields how they deal with uncertainty.
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The Way We Work Now

Business trips have a whole new meaning these days, as co-working spaces welcome “nomadic workers” to hot-desk in a different city every day of the week. In Berlin, you can do so for free – well, for the price of a blog post or two, as our roving freelancer found out...
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We moved to a tiny house to get more room – and it worked

As Laura Hubbard-Miles and her husband, Tim Francis, prepared to welcome their third child, their thoughts turned, naturally enough, to their living arrangements. But at a point when most couples start looking for more space, they have instead done the opposite and moved their growing family into a home not much bigger than a garage.
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'The Little Embryo That Could': The World of IVF Fashion for Babies

There is little to laugh about when it comes to infertility and the tests, treatments, and tears it invokes. Even if overcome, few people forget the pain. Yet fewer still choose to discuss their experiences, contributing to feelings of isolation and shame amongst the one in eight couples who suffer fertility issues.
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Britain's Female Priests Want to Dress for Themselves and the Lord

You'd assume female priests might have slightly weightier things on their mind than what to wear for work. And they do. Most of the time. But we all have to get dressed in the morning, and when you're working from dawn 'til evensong for literally (or figuratively, depending on your beliefs) the biggest boss going, you've got to look the part.

Do you need financial therapy?

Whether it’s anxiety about paying the bills, guilt at spending, or feelings of inadequacy over our income, polls frequently show money to be a leading source of worry, and one of the main causes of rows between couples. Even the rich aren’t immune, according to Capgemini’s annual World Wealth Report, with top concerns for millionaires in 2015 ranging from how they will maintain their lifestyle to whether their offspring will mismanage their inheritances.
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Death cafe; exploring the last taboo

"Being more aware of and comfortable with the idea of death tends to make us more appreciative of the value of life."
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My fake plastic family

Fed up with being asked when she was going to marry and have children, a photographer bought some mannequins and began an unusual journey... Suzanne Heintz, a photographer and art director from Denver, Colorado, has spent more than a decade travelling America and Europe with her husband, Chauncey, and daughter, Mary Margaret, documenting their domestic bliss in a series of touching, intimate portraits.
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New Year clean-up: is it time to hire a professional declutterer?

This year, join the space race: and if you can't decide what to throw out, hire a professional. If you’re living in a house that’s too cluttered for comfort, the start of a new year may find you itching to tackle the problem. No doubt you’ve already received an abundance of well-meant advice from friends and family.
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All the fun of the fair: Behind the scenes with the UK's travelling showmen

In his cabin, Mark Thurston eyes the punters milling around King's Lynn Mart. The Norfolk fair – held every February since Tudor times – marks the opening of the travelling season, and like everyone else, Thurston is anxious to get off to a good start. For him, and thousands of other UK showmen, the next eight months will be spent on the road, living out of a touring caravan and setting up shop in around 30 fairs where his family has traditionally held pitches.
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Could you be a late bloomer?

Does success have an expiry date? It can seem like it sometimes. In our youth-obsessed culture, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking if we haven’t got a well-established, rewarding career by the age of 35 (or whatever arbitrary benchmark we set), then we never will. It’s just not true, of course.
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Nione Meakin

I'm a Brighton-based freelancer who writes travel, arts, lifestyle and features for papers including The Guardian and The Telegraph and magazines including VICE, Coast, Marie Claire, Grazia, Psychologies, N by Norwegian & Easyjet Traveller.

I like stories and people with a bit of quirk to them, which has led me down some fascinating avenues. I've written about travelling shop mannequins and British showmen; people who live on old minesweepers and lone Antarctic explorers; Cape Cod's missing cod, fashion for female priests, 'Glastonbury with guns' and timewarp B&Bs. I've interviewed art world power couples and rising-star playwrights; philosophers, astronomers and leading choreographers - and I just about make a living from it.

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