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New Wave Art

This January, a ground-breaking museum opens on the island of Lanzarote, where visitors will swap cameras for masks, and flip-flops for flippers...
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Phil Grabsky - Art on film.

"Everyone thought it was a crazy idea when I first mooted it in 2009; who’d go to the cinema to see an art exhibition? But live screenings of theatre and opera were just taking off and I really felt audiences would go for it."
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Prime Movers

International art supremos Iwan and Manuela Wirth explain their winning strategy in Asia to Nione Meakin
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How to experience art without using your eyes

Ever tasted a Francis Bacon painting? Listened to a Cézanne? Stroked the Mona Lisa's hair? At galleries across Europe, art is becoming a feast for all the senses. Nione Meakin investigates. Something strange is occurring n the world of art. In the past 12 months, visitors to some of the world's most venerable national institutions have pawed a Mona Lisa, sniffed glue in front of a Richard Hamilton collage and even walked off with exhibits.
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Tim Winton on Albany, Western Australia

Albany is a chronically underrated city. It was the first European settlement in Western Australia and should have been the capital, but was annexed by the British in 1791. It's physically lovely, with the best natural harbour in Australia outside Sydney and lots of remnants of Victorian architecture.
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Jazz for beginners; learn to dig it

Louis Armstrong famously said that if you had to ask what jazz was, you’d never know. Brighton singer and BBC 3 broadcaster Claire Martin is a little more helpful.
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Jackie Kay on being a writer

Jackie Kay MBE is a multi award-winning Scottish novelist and poet, currently Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University. She talks to Nione Meakin about finding your voice, being loyal to your writing and the importance of being able to edit your own work... Coming out as a writer is as hard as coming out as a lesbian.

David Quantick on writing television comedy

David Quantick is a freelance journalist, writer and critic. He began his career at the NME, and over the past three decades has written for a huge range of TV and radio shows, including Brass Eye, The Day Today, Smack The Pony, Look Around You, The Thick Of It, TV Burp and Veep... There isn’t always an obvious path to doing what you want to do.

Why it’s okay to be a late bloomer

Still not written that award-winning novel, played the Royal Albert Hall or won an Oscar? Nione Meakin talks to a host of creative people who argue that good things come in the longhaul... At the age you were still learning to spell your own name, five-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis (spell that) was nominated for a Best Actress gong.

Nell Gifford on starting a circus

Nell Gifford first ran away with the circus aged 18 to join New York’s Circus Flora on a work placement. After university she returned to the big top, spending four years working for the Chinese State Circus and Santus before founding Gifford’s Circus with her husband Toti. Here she talks to Nione Meakin about taking risks, learning languages and trying to keep everyone happy...

Laugh? I nearly died: The rise of stand-up tragedy

"It was Sunday night," the speaker begins. "I went home to my lovely wife, put my key in the lock and the lock didn't turn. That was when I realised my second marriage was over." "Thinking too much isn't a choice, it's a condition," offers another. "Some of us are born this way, and we get worse.
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The Work & Playlist: Dancer and choreographer Jasmin Vardimon

Jasmin Vardimon trained in her native Israel and founded her own dance company in 1997. She is now associate artist at Sadler’s Wells and tours nationally and internationally. Jasmin tells Nione Meakin about the theatre, film and art that inspire her... I wanted to become an artist when I saw… aperformance at [famous Czech theatre] Laterna Magica in Prague.


Nione Meakin

I'm a Brighton-based freelancer who writes travel, arts, lifestyle and features for papers including The Guardian and The Telegraph and magazines including VICE, Coast, Marie Claire, Grazia, Psychologies, N by Norwegian & Easyjet Traveller.

I like stories and people with a bit of quirk to them, which has led me down some fascinating avenues. I've written about travelling shop mannequins and British showmen; people who live on old minesweepers and lone Antarctic explorers; Cape Cod's missing cod, fashion for female priests, 'Glastonbury with guns' and timewarp B&Bs. I've interviewed art world power couples and rising-star playwrights; philosophers, astronomers and leading choreographers - and I just about make a living from it.

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